File Dump #9

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So here's a couple of great tracks I've gotten hold of due to the glory of the internetz. The PATD one I should have uploaded months ago, yanno, around Halloween, but whatever it's great anytime of the year. So enjoy this one people. It's a pretty good file dump.

1. Panic At The Disco - It's Almost Halloween [MP3]

All that can truly be said about this song is that it is EPIC LULZ. You need to hear it to believe it. Not to mention Ryan Ross' voice is on clear display, which is pretty awesome if you're a Panic fan.
2. Tequila Mockingbird - Snowglobe (Demo) [MP3]
Who is Tequila Mockingbird you ask? Tequila Mockingbird is the combined awesome power of Nicholas Scimeca, who is apparently a parter of Angels & Kings (Peter Wentz's restaurant whut), and Travis McCoy, of Gym Class Heroes fame. So what about the song then? It's fucking catchy and I can't stop listening to it. Someone around here is gonna kill me.
3. Sights & Sounds - Storm And The Sun [MP3]
Toni was the first person to tell me about this band, but it wasn't until I saw them in '07 that I actually started to pay attention. They're kind of a ~supergroup of the Canadian scene~ so to speak, and are notably fronted by Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid. But they don't sound like Comeback Kid. Hmm whatever its good music. Download if it interests you.
4. Finale - Strange Things (Acoustic) [MP3]
HOLLA ANOTHER SIDE PROJECT! 3 in one file dump. This one is a-featurin Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die. It's almost like this weird country rock music thing he's doing (holy shit maybe even actual southern rock-esque?) with some old friends that started one night while they were drunk. This is an acoustic version of one of their songs, and it might just be my favorite I've heard. Supremely pretty. No screaming here.
5. Jonas Brothers - Free Fallin' (Tom Petty Cover Live) [MP3]
You're either gonna like this or you're not.