Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town

Monday, February 16, 2009

So here is Every Time I Die's debut full length album on Ferret. It's pretty ghetto awesome. Back when they were straightforward metalcore. I'm more of a fan of their work Hot Damn! and forward, but if you are a fan of ETID and/or metalcore, this is basically a must. As well, finding a copy of the album artwork was a real bitch, so I'm sorry for the shit quality.
Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town [MP3]
  1. Emergency Broadcast Syndrome
  2. Jimmy Tango's Method
  3. Here's Lookin' At You
  4. Punch-Drunk Punk Rock Romance (featuring Howard Jones)
  5. Enter Without Knocking And Notify The Police
  6. "The Logic Of Crocodiles
  7. Pincushion
  8. Nothing Dreadful Ever Happens
  9. California, Gracefully
  10. Shallow Water Blackout

Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat

So still in my "YAY BLINK 182 IS BACK" phase, I have decided to post up their first full length release. So evarbodeh, say hi to Cheshire Cat! What can I say about this record? Well I doubt that by listening to it in 1994 you would have realized just how legendary this band was going to become. Still ultra catchy and funny like Blink have always been, it has the sound typical of pop punks in the early to mid nineties, save for Green Day. Also of note is that Travis Barker is not in the band, so the drumming isn't the typical Blink 182 sound. Still worthy of being in your collection though. So yes. :)
Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat [MP3]
  1. Carousel
  2. M+M's
  3. Fentoozler
  4. Touchdown Boy
  5. Strings
  6. Peggy Sue
  7. Sometimes
  8. Does My Breath Smell?
  9. Cacophony
  10. TV
  11. Toast And Bananas
  12. Wasting Time
  13. Romeo And Rebecca
  14. Ben Wah Balls
  15. Just About Done
  16. Depends

Motion City Soundtrack - Kids For America EP

So I don't know what to write about this record, so I'll just copy and paste from the wikipedia article: "Kids for America is the first EP released by American pop punk band Motion City Soundtrack in 2000. The tracks "Cambridge" and "1000 Paper Cranes" were redone and released on I Am the Movie. This release was hand made and according to their official discography, it was limited to 100 copies. The full package includes a disc with only a tiny "MCS," the folded artwork, and a contact/credits card that contained information for booking. This was all housed in a plastic sleeve." So yes, that's that.
Motion City Soundtrack - Kids For America EP [MP3]
  1. Cambridge
  2. Bomb Pops
  3. Intersection
  4. Sunday Warning
  5. 4th of December
  6. 1000 Paper Cranes

Cobra Starship - ¡Viva La Cobra!

So this album was most definitely requested a long time ago. Sorry about that. Anyways, it's pretty awesome and hilariously clever. I really need to listen to Cobra Starship. However, I think this might be one of those things where the people in my life kill me for being a big geek. Whatever. Good stuff. Download link obv. in blog title or link below.
Cobra Starship - ¡Viva La Cobra! [MP3]
  1. The City Is At War
  2. Guilty Pleasure
  3. One Day, Robots Will Cry
  4. Kiss My Sass (featuring Travis McCoy)
  5. Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk (Scandalous) (featuring V.I.P.)
  6. The World Has Its Shine (but I Would Drop It on a Dime)
  7. Smile for the Paparazzi
  8. Angie
  9. Prostitution Is the World's Oldest Profession (and I, Dear Madame, Am a Professional)
  10. My Moves Are White (White Hot, That Is)
  11. Pleasure Ryland

Box Car Racer - Box Car Racer

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do you remember Box Car Racer? If you do, AWESOME! If you don't, holy shit I am old. Hahh. This album is the only album of the now defunct Blink 182 side project started by Tom Delonge, featuring Travis Barker on drums. It's almost like +44, except not formed out of depressing necessity. Don't run in fear now though, this is not anything near the overwhelming douchebaggery that was Angels And Airwaves. It was merely a vehicle for Delonge to get out the musical ideas he had that he felt weren't really Blink 182-ish. So instead of being inspired by U2 and The Police, this album was more inspired Rites Of Spring, Embrace, and Fugazi. For the uneducated, those were the orignal emo bands. Yeah. It's their fault.
Box Car Racer - Box Car Racer [MP3]
  1. I Feel So
  2. All Systems Go
  3. Watch The World
  4. Tiny Voices
  5. Cat Like Thief (featuring Tim Armstrong and Jordan Pundik)
  6. And I
  7. Letters To God
  8. My First Punk Song
  9. Sorrow
  10. There Is
  11. The End With You
  12. Elevator (featuring Mark Hoppus)
  13. Instrumental

City and Colour - Bring Me Your Love: Special Limited Edition of 5000

The special edition of City and Colour's second full-length album Bring Me Your Love. Only 5000 copies are available in North America, plus 1000 in Australia. (I lucked out and spotted one in an HMV today.) The album itself is great, receiving mostly 4-star reviews when it came out last February. This 2-disc version features 2 new songs (Faithless and I Don't Need To Know) and demo versions of all songs except The Girl. The track Sleeping Sickness features Gordon Downie of The Tragically Hip.

Download links:
Disc 1: Bring Me Your Love (77.83 MB)
Disc 2: Demos (75.25 MB)
mp3 format, 192 kbps, zipped


Disc 1: Bring Me Your Love
1. Forgive Me
2. Confessions
3. The Death of Me
4. Body in a Box
5. Sleeping Sickness (featuring Gordon Downie)
6. What Makes a Man?
7. Waiting...
8. Constant Knot
9. Against the Grain
10. The Girl
11. Sensible Heart
12. As Much As I Ever Could
13. Faithless (Previously unreleased)
14. I Don't Need to Know (Previously unreleased)

Disc 2: Demos
1. Forgive Me
2. Confessions
3. The Death of Me
4. Body in a Box
5. Sleeping Sickness
6. What Makes a Man?
7. Waiting...
8. Constant Knot (Quiet)
9. Constant Knot (Horns)
10. Against the Grain
11. Sensible Heart
12. As Much As I Ever Could
13. Faithless
14. I Don't Need to Know

Leathermouth - XO

Friday, February 13, 2009

So I have been waiting on this album since before anyone fully knew Frank was in this band. Frank you ask? Frank from My Chemical Romance. It's like his angry little hardcore side project. It's sick as fuck. Brutal as fuck. Love it, fuck. This entire album is an exercise in raging hard. If you like it loud, fast, heavy, and angry, this is for you.
Leathermouth - XO [MP3]

  1. 5th Period Massacre
  2. Catch Me If You Can
  3. This Song Is About Being Attacked By Monsters
  4. I Am Going to Kill the President of the United States of America
  5. Murder Was the Case That They Gave Me
  6. Sunsets Are for Muggings
  7. My Lovenote Has Gone Flat
  8. Your Friends Are Full of Shit
  9. Bodysnatchers 4 Ever
  10. Leviathan

AFI - Love Like Winter (CD Single)

Here is the cd single for AFI's song Love Like Winter. It was the second single off of their popular album Decemberunderground. It features a pretty great and low key cover of Jack The Ripper by Morrissey, and a b-side which I have not yet listened to yet. So yes. That's that.
AFI - Love Like Winter (CD Single) [MP3]
  1. Love Like Winter
  2. Jack The Ripper (Morrissey Cover)
  3. On The Arrow

Demi Lovato - Don't Forget

Well it's about time I uploaded this album! I've been meaning to since it leaked in September. Shows how lazy I am. Anyways, what can I say about Demi Lovato? Well she played Itchie, the female lead in Camp Rock. Her album was basically co-written in large part with the Jonas Brothers (the songs they wrote together are arguably the strongest on the record, minus their duet, which is the musical equivalent of a cum fart... well maybe not that bad) because the stuff she personally writes simply wouldn't fly by her target market aka Disney Channel. Does that mean this sucks? No. Far from it. This album is basically full of super awesome girl pop-rock. It's awesome like Paramore's 'Riot', if it had been released on Hollywood Records. It also a includes a song (The Middle) co-written by Kara DioGuardi, the new American Idol judge- and holy shit its a killer track. I basically love it, even including it on my top albums of 2008 list, amongst a bunch of "legitimate" artists. I'm way excited for the deluxe reissue of this album, featuring a Spanish language song and a new song demonstrating the type of music she wants to be playing and will be continuing on with. I'm fucking STOKED. Until then, enjoy! 8D
Demi Lovato - Don't Forget [MP3]
  1. La La Land
  2. Get Back
  3. Trainwreck
  4. Party
  5. On The Line (featuring Jonas Brothers)
  6. Don't Forget
  7. Gonna Get Caught
  8. Two Worlds Collide
  9. The Middle
  10. Until You're Mine
  11. Believe In Me

Two Tongues - Two Tongues

This is the debut release by "super group" Two Tongues, featuring Max Bemis and Coby Linder of Say Anything, and Chris Conley and Dave Soloway of Saves The Day. Which basically translates into an absolute emo eargasm. My favorite tracks on it are Crawl, Dead Lizard, and Wowee Zowee. Worth downloading? Yes. Worthy BUYING? Most definitely sir. This is just solid songwriting, manifesting itself into GREAT MUSIC. Srs.
Two Tongues - Two Tongues [MP3]
  1. Crawl
  2. If I Could Make You Do Things
  3. Dead Lizard
  4. Interlude (featuring Sherri DuPree)
  5. Tremors
  6. Silly Game
  7. Don’t You Want To Come Home
  8. Wowee Zowee
  9. Come On
  10. Alice
  11. Try Not To Save Me
  12. Back Against The Wall
  13. Even If You Don’t (Ween Cover)
Two Tongues - Two Tongues iTunes Bonus Tracks [MP3]
  1. Third Engine (Acoustic Saves The Day Cover)
  2. Every Man Has A Molly (Acoustic Say Anything Cover)

Mitch Hedberg - Do You Believe In Gosh?

"Sorry Rick, I mean Cream of Mushroom." So here is the A:M's first comedy album, and fuck its good. This album was released last year but recorded two months before his death in 2005. Mitch Hedberg was highly influential, and his style is easily likened to Demetri Martin's, who if you simply do not know, was a correspondent on The Daily Show and now has his own show, Important Things With Demetri Martin. This album is fucking funny, not in the way Dane Cook is funny. Yeah. Actually funny.
Mitch Hedberg - Do You Believe In Gosh? [MP3]

  1. The Improv Fairy Tale
  2. Door Deal
  3. Hot Air Balloon
  4. Headless Horseman
  5. Hotels and Beds
  6. Phil
  7. Restaurants
  8. Texas and Sea Food
  9. Tea Ski
  10. Canal Smarts
  11. The Vacuumist
  12. Belt
  13. Soda Pop

Every Time I Die - Hot Damn!

If you like bands that have heavy screaming with melodic vocals blended in, with seemingly no melody, and breakdowns galore, then you will like this album. Because every band evar like that wants to be Every Time I Die, and wants to record this album. In fact, you can basically break "hardcore" music down into two groups. Bands that want to record Hot Damn! and bands that want to record The Shape of Punk to Come. But those albums have already been recorded, and most of those bands suck. So just save time and download this and the rest of ETID's discography. It'll save you time and it'll be one of the best choices you've ever made. Ever. In life.
Every Time I Die - Hot Damn! [MP3]
  1. Romeo A Go-Go
  2. Off Broadway
  3. I Been Gone A Long Time
  4. Godspeed Us To Sea
  5. She's My Rushmore
  6. Floater
  7. In The Event That Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong
  8. Ebolarama
  9. Hit of the Search Party
  10. Pornogratherapy

Lights - Lights EP

Why haven't we posted this already? Oh yeah. We're lazy cunts. That's the one. Anyhoo, if you don't know Lights already, you should, because she is incredibly awesome synth pop that is what she is. GRAMMAR, YOU HAVE BEEN R4P3D. She said it best when she described how she writes songs. "When I write songs I think about how my music makes people feel, and I hope that when it goes into your ears you feel happy. Not sexy happy but apple pie happy." So yeah. Thar ye be.
Lights -Lights EP [MP3]
  1. Ice
  2. Drive My Soul
  3. February Air
  4. White
  5. I Owe You One
  6. The Last Thing On Your Mind

Spinnerette - Ghetto Love EP

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So it took me long enough right? Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Brody Dalle's work, so this is no exception. It's definitely a departure from The Distillers, and you can for sure here her husband's influence on her music (Joshua Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age). Well if you like very bad ass rock and roll tunes, then here's a solid download. OH! I should also mention that this is a completely independant self release, meaning all the money made off this goes back into their band. So in case you want to be a good person, go here and buy it, it has all the songs, hq artwork, and the music video for Ghetto Love.
Spinnerette - Ghetto Love EP [MP3]
  1. Ghetto Love
  2. Valium Knights
  3. Distorting A Code
  4. Bury My Heart

Meisha's Most Anticipated Releases of 2009!

So in no particular order, here are my most anticipated releases of 2009. I will cross them out as they are released, and then remove the crossing out-ness and link them when they are uploaded. The list might change as album announcements are made, but I doubt I'll re-edit this. Check back for updates, yo:

  1. Leathermouth - XO
  2. Two Tongues - Two Tongues
  3. Alexisonfire - Old Crows/Young Cardinals
  4. The Used - Artwork
  5. Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
  6. Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic
  7. Sick City
  8. Blink 182?
  9. Circa Survive
  10. Attack In Black - Years (By One Thousand Fingertips)
  11. The Holly Springs Disaster
  12. Spinnerette - Spinnerette
  13. Gallows - Grey Britain COCKBLOCKED!!! EMAIL ME FOR A LINK!!!
  14. Paramore
  15. Taking Back Sunday - New Again
  16. AFI
  17. My Chemical Romance?
  18. Lights
  19. Paramore
  20. Thrice
  21. Jonas Brothers - Lines, Vines and Trying Times

File Dump #8

Yes another file dump. Haha. This one is filled with a bunch of really great gosh darn tracks. As in, listen to them over and over and over and not get sick of them tracks. Yes, it's basically the best file dump evarz.

1. Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy, Cee-Lo, Janelle Monae - Open Happiness [MP3]

Excuse me while I coo over the greatness of this track. I've had it in my head ALL day and I'm okay with that. I can literally listen to this over and over and over and it's as good as the first time I heard it. It's LITERALLY the happiest thing I've heard in like, evarz.
2. William Beckett - Heartbeats (The Knife Cover) [MP3]
Why thank you Strike Gently for ripping this audio. William Beckett did a video of himself covering this song acoustically, and geeeeeeeeez is it pretty. The original of this song is obv. hauntingly beautiful, as it is The Knife, but this is just a pretty little acoustic diddy that can't help but make you smile. Dig eet.
3. Jack's Mannequin - The Mixed Tape (Piano Version Live) [MP3]
The Mixed Tape is a fucking great song. This is an even better version, IMO. I have actually been meaning to stick this in a file dump since I started this blog, but I just haven't been able to put one together that I felt really suits this song until now. It's the kind of song where you need to close your eyes just to absorb how damn lovely it is.
4. Dustin Kensrue - Creep (Radiohead Cover Live) [MP3]
Another track I've been waiting to share for awhile. Creep is arguably the most recognizable Radiohead song, and for good reason. Dustin Kensrue, being the immense talent that he is, delivers the goods in this cover. It's as haunting and beautiful as the original, and gives me the same shivers. It's also a pretty damn good live rip.

Cristina Marie

So I have yet to do this! This is a girl I came across on YouTube. She has a beautiful f*cking voice, plays guitar very well, and writes some pretty nifty tunes herself. She definitely falls under the "natural talent" category. Here's a few videos of her doing covers:

"Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine"

"Bright Eyes - Lua"

"Nine Inch Nails - Hurt"

The download is full of songs off of her myspace. The link is below or in the blog title. Seriously, this girl is amazing.
Christina Marie [MP3]
  • Fix You (Coldplay Cover)
  • Goodbye
  • Hallellujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
  • This Lullabye
  • What Makes A Home
  • Without You

Her MySpace
Her YouTube

Meisha's Top Albums of 2008

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So it's a little late, but in no particular order, here are my favorite album's from 2008:

  1. Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer
  2. Protest The Hero - Fortress
  3. Pendulum - In Silico
  4. Anthony Green - Avalon
  5. The Sounds Of Animals Fighting - The Ocean And The Sun
  6. Panic At The Disco - Pretty. Odd.
  7. Demi Lovato - Get Back
  8. Jack's Mannequin - The Glass Passenger
  9. City And Colour - Bring Me Your Love
  10. Family Force 5 - Dance Or Die
  11. Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Seperation
Honourable Mention: Lights - Lights EP

File Dump #7

Also known as The Big Faggy File Dump. There are only 3 songs in this one, and you should be glad. These are some pretty ridiculous tracks. Hahaaaaa.

1. Sonny - Mona [MP3]

Hey remember when Sonny made good music? Yeah! Back when From First To Last were somewhat relevant? Yeah that was a long time ago. Now he's got this solo project, and it kinda sounds like Chris Crocker "music" to me. Emo goes pop fucking TRAINWRECK. Download for lulz.
2. Scarlett Johansson - Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley Cover) [MP3]
ScarJo rapes and kills a great and classic Jeff Buckley song. Actually it's not that horrific. She actually has a pretty good voice. It obviously comes nowhere even near the shadow of the original, but its not bad. Too bad she's not a legitamite artist and only does weird ScarJo covers of classic alternative songs.
3. Yellowcard - High And Dry (Radiohead Cover) [MP3]
Also not totally horrific. But this is still the Ocean Avenue dudes. The dudes with the violin and the lead singer who cried when they won a VMA. Those dudes. Thus by default this is totally gay. And thus I love it.

Blink - Flyswatter

So in honour of one of the greatest pop-punk bands ever doing the good and right thing by getting back together for an album and tour, I present ye with their first EP. Or demo. Whatever. Check out that completely fucking awesome hand drawn cassette tape artwork. Nice. So here it is, before they were Blink 182. And copyright Fags In The Wilderness. And holy crap crow it just dawned on me what a crappy name Blink 182 is. Hahaha. Anyways. LONG LIVE BLINK 182! For real this time. Srsly.
Blink - Flyswatter [MP3]
  1. Reebok Commercial
  2. Time
  3. Red Skies
  4. Alone
  5. Point Of View
  6. Marlboro Man
  7. The Longest Line
  8. Freak Scene

Alexisonfire - Math Sheet Demos

So for my very first post of the year I thought I'd put up something extra special. So hurr it is! Alexisonfire's Math Sheet demos! It's quality is awesomely bad but I think there's most definitely a special novelty to having this in your audio library. If you're an AOF fan, this is a must. If you're not or you haven't heard them before, skip it... at least until you realize they pretty much own life.
Alexisonfire - Math Sheet Demos [MP3]
  1. Counterparts And Number Them
  2. Little Girls Pointing And Laughing
  3. The Philosophical Significance Of Shooting My Sister In The Face-An Essay By James Secord