ATTENTION: Looking For Collaborators!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I don't know if you've noticed, but the majority of the posts this past year have been made by me and me alone, which means there are very few new uploads on here. And that means the quality of this blog suffers. So I need some help.


1. 1 to 5 other people to join.

2. All types of musical tastes. If you have a large collection of country albums, gangsta rap, death metal, classical, j-rock, or Broadway musicals, that's super freaking awesome. Even more awesome than if you have a great collection of artists off Fueled By Ramen, although if you do, that's totally welcome too!

3. People who plan to post regularily.


1. Email me a list of all the albums, eps, demos, etc. you physically have a copy of. If you're not one for physical formats, but have a sweet file collection, send a list of all the albums, eps, demos, etc. that you have, following these conditions:

  • They are of good quality sound.
  • The files are properly tagged, and when uploaded into a media player will show up as such.
  • .mp3 files are ideal. The occasional .m4a track or album is okay, but if your whole collection is made up of non-mp3's, then it's not very good for A:M.
  • An album needs to be the same file type and quality. If one song is 193kbps mp3, THEY ALL HAVE TO BE. Please, love of God, nothing horribly compiled off of Limewire. At least for this list.
If there are only 12 albums on this list, I'm not going to bother adding you to this group. The list you submit me will be your request list, and once you're added to the blog I'll need you to post it so that readers can fire some requests at you.

2. You will also need to sign up to Blogger. If you have an account already, send me your sign in email with the email of your album list so I can invite you to the blog. If you don't have an account, I will send you an invite to your email so that you can make an account with Blogger and start blogging on A:M.

3. Sign up an account at Mediafire or Megaupload. The pros of both are that the files basically stay uploaded indefinitely, unless there is a complaint about the content. The good thing about Mediafire is that readers can download as many files as they want from Mediafire simultaneously. The bad thing is that you can't upload files larger than 100mb. Megaupload, on the other hand, only allows one download at a time, but you can upload files much larger than 100mb. Joining SendSpace is another option, but if a file isn't downloaded for a week, the file is deleted. Therefore, if you choose to use SendSpace, it is ONLY good to use as a mirror link.

4. Be prepared to compress your album ONLY in .zip files. A:M doesn't post .rar files. We keep it easy for our readers.


If you are looking for more details on formatting, go to this blog here.

E-mail me your applications to:

Please include your name and indicate that you are fluent in English.

Feel free to e-mail me any questions you might have.

Thanks, Meisha|Apocalypse